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Psychic Reading on Love and Relationship - New York, NY

Personal Readings in New York, NY

Get answers to questions about your career, love and relationship, and other aspects of your life through Michael Lafferty's personal readings in New York, NY. You'll learn everything you need to know about your current job, who you're dating, and more. Michael's virtual and personal readings are given to individuals in New York City and throughout the US.

Learn More About Your Current Life

Using a standard deck of playing cards, Michael answers any questions you may have about your love life, career prospects, and other matters that interest you. He will examine your questions from a psychical point of view and answer them using the cards.

It may take a few minutes to an hour to determine the answers to your questions. You are welcome to stay as long as necessary to get the information you need. Michael's accuracy rate is well into the 90th percentile, so you can expect very accurate answers.


Michael charges $3.90 per minute and accepts all major credit cards. Contact him to learn more about his virtual and in-person psychic reading. He serves in New York, Boston, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, and anywhere in the US.