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Psychic Reading on Love and Relationship - Philadelphia, PA

Gain Enlightenment Through A Psychic Reading in Philadelphia, PA

There are moments in life where we need a little guidance and direction, especially when it comes to pivotal decisions. Whether it's in terms of love, career, or family, you can get a psychic reading in Philadelphia, PA, to give you the insight you need. Take a deep dive into the questions we all ask ourselves and the possibilities the future may hold. Contact Michael Lafferty Psychic Readings.

Analyzing Your Life

Michael uses a standard deck of playing cards to do personal readings that reveal profound answers to your most important questions. Regardless of the knowledge you seek, he can examine your questions from a psychic perspective and uses his cards for the insight you want. With an accuracy rate in the 90th percentile, Michael is trusted for extremely accurate responses. He is open to spending as much time as is necessary with his clients because he believes in providing you with the answers you seek.


Whether it's a session of a few minutes or an hour, you as the client are his top priority. Rates are at $3.90 per minute, and Michael gladly accepts all major credit cards for payment. Contact him today to get your reading.